Emmy Odunze (born Chukwuemeka Odunze) is a Gospel recording artist with the anointing for praise and worship. He is also the founder and CEO of DeepWell Music & Entertainment. He is a passionate young man, a dynamic business man, stylist, speaker, musician and visionary. 

Born and raised in a Christian home in Eastern Nigeria, his early musical influences include Fred Hammond, Commissioned, The Winans, Boyz II Men, and his father, Dr. Don Odunze. As a young boy, he would spend long hours in church watching the church band and choir rehearse. His family and friends soon realized that his interest in music was genuine and unwavering. He began to accompany his parents on their ministry trips for marriage seminars and crusades. Emmy did not mind the long hours spent on the road traveling, and ended up playing a part in the events. As he puts it, “My dad would give me 5 minutes to sing a song before he would preach. I remember the first time I sang in front of a crowd of about 3000 people at the age of 12, something happened within me that day, which I still can’t describe. I knew I was born for this.”

By the time he was 13, his music teacher realized he could comfortably sing and differentiate all four parts of harmony, and suggested he be moved up to the senior church choir. Emmy’s love for music blossomed as he sang Acapella with his siblings, and led youth choirs and groups within the city of Enugu in Nigeria.


Emmy moved to United States in his early twenties and acquired a degree in Communications and Public Affairs, graduating with honors. Emmy continues to flourish in his life-long calling and currently serves as a lead worshipper on numerous platforms and stages .  His current projects include his first film production, a clothing, fashion and lifestyle consulting  company (Adam In Eden), a book titled ‘Back Stage’ (to be published), and his long awaited debut album titled ‘...but GOD’ now available online and on music stands.




 CEO | Musician | Author | Stylist | Entertainer

CEO | Musician | Author | Stylist | Entertainer